The Beginners Web Hosting Guide

In web hosting, you would be utilizing a hosting control panel. This is a web based interface that is provided to you by your chosen hosting company and this is where you manage practically everything such as your database, emails and the contents of your websites. In a control panel, you can maintain your FTP accounts, access your email account configurations, file managers, database, and server logs and check your bandwidth and available webspace.

The most popular control panel is the cPanel. It’s a UNIX based control panel that is made to make the process of web hosting a lot simpler. It supports BSD and Linux while under Beta with Windows. It allows plugin support as well. With cPanel hosting, you, as the end user can control practically everything from your MySQL database to your email accounts. It goes together with WHM or WebHost Manager. You use this to create accounts or if you want to add more domains to your servers or if you want to manage the features of your web host.

Plesk is another control panel that is also quite popular. Plesk is cheaper compared to cPanel and brags of its stability. It supports Linux and Windows platform. Some people find it easier to use Plesk than cPanel but it’s really up to you to decide.

Fantastico is a script library that is installed with cPanel. With the aid of Fantastico, you can now autoinstall web applications to your website even if you don’t know how to make your own scripts. With the help of Fantastico, a novice can autoinstall thousands of applications such as online classifieds, blogs, portals, customer support, e-commerce, discussion boards and a lot more. You won’t have a hard time building and making your website looking professional with Fantastico. Do take note that Fantastico is not offered by all web hosts, only the better ones offer this to their customers.

In searching for your web host, customer support options are also necessary. Check if they offer toll free, email and tickets for your inquiries and if they have live chat so they can quickly respond to your queries. This is very important because when your websites are down, you lose possible revenue by the minute.

Another very important factor in choosing a web host is with their data backups. This is very important so you won’t lose all the data in your system when a contingency would occur. With regular data backups you are assured that most of your data would be restored. If there is no backup and the data is lost, you’d be back to square one and it will put a stop to your business until you get it back up again. Being able to backup your data to a remote server is really necessary whether it’s just for a personal website or most importantly, if it’s for a business website. A good web host account would include a full backup scheme so you can backup your data to the server for security. Do this regularly because you never know when a problem might arise in your site. Once there is a problem that you can’t fix, you can just retrieve your latest data and you’re back on track. Make it a habit to regularly backup your data and it will save you hours of your time and money just to get your site back up.

Money back guarantee offerings by web hosts are great too. If they offer money back guarantees, you can try their hosting services without worrying about losing your hard earned money. If they prove to be worth keeping then you can continue using their hosting but if not, ask for your money back.

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