What is Green Energy Exactly?

The most obvious problem with normal hosting companies are, they use lots of electricity. And since a good amount of the "normal" electricity power used is generated using fossil fuels, that energy use contributes to many problems ranging from Global Warming to environmental pollution due to mining and extraction, dependency on foreign oil and even having to fight wars for oil.

Last year, the servers powering various internet sites in the United States alone accounted for almost three billion dollars' worth of electricity usage. Now more than ever, people are looking for environmentally friendly companies and are voting with their wallets, so to speak. As a business person, or even just an independent site owner, you can begin to build your brand as an environmentally friendly company, by using green web hosting. It makes a statement of value that many people appreciate, and you are also voting with your wallet too.

The first thing a green hosting company does is to power their servers, coolers, offices etc using "green electricity". Green electricity is generated using renewable resources, mostly using wind turbines and solar panels. Sometimes biomass, biogas, or geothermal methods can also be used to generate "green electricity". All of your green hosting options should at least include a way to use renewable energy.

Many environment - conscious host companies have started offering green dedicated servers that work economically for small to mid-sized businesses who wish more efficiency at less cost. Customers are satisfied as these servers offer large memory storage, high performance and all the functions as traditional dedicated servers.

Hosting companies like GreenGeeks green hosting, Super Green Hosting, HostGator green hosting, and iPage green hosting are preferred by many webmasters over conventional web hosts. These web hosting companies are reliable, have great support system and offer competitive price in the crowded market of web hosting business. InMotion Hosting, for example, provides services in a Los Angeles, California eco-friendly green datacenter that utilizes outside air to cool their servers saving 70% of their energy consumption. Hostgator claims that it uses shared and reseller servers which are 130% powered by wind and it has certified renewable energy credits needed for generating efficient and reliable dedicated servers. On the other hand, SuperGreen Hosting and Green Geeks provide services like buying carbon credits and using renewable energy from the sun or wind. Both companies use energy-efficient servers which are 200% to 300% powered by sun or wind.

It is an encouraging sign that both the hosting companies as well as the entire technology sector are becoming increasingly environment-conscious with regard to internet communication, web sites and networking services. Not stopping with offering customers green dedicated servers, hosting companies have also started using recycled paper and old hardware. The Governmental bodies as well as private industries owe it to posterity to use Green servers that will reduce environmental impact.

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