InMotion Hosting Customer Review

My Name: Agnes Chase
Hosting Length: 1 - 3 months
My Website: Withheld
Hosting Category: Green Hosting
Verdict? Highly Recommended!
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InMotion Hosting Review

Here is what Agnes Chase had to say about InMotion Hosting and the overall experience with their green hosting service.
At first I was not convinced that I should go with InMotion Hosting but I read a few positive reviews on the net and decided to try them. I signed up and I received a call from them in a few minutes, they said that they wanted to speak to me before they approve the order. That was nice. Of course it was approved a few minutes after signup.

Account Setup Feedback

At first I saw that they have their own custom control panel which was a little bit of hassle for me, but I got used to it very fast.

Host Reliability

The servers are good I am already using them for 50 day and have 100% uptime, servers are fast and reliable, can't complain.

Pricing Info

I saw on the home page that there is a free plan, but I do believe that what you pay is what you get. Moreover I tried their presales chat and I was told about the restrictions of the free account and that is why I signed up for a paid account. We probably the price could be with a few dollars lower but I guess that with the price comes the quality

Final Host Comments

Well my over all conclusion is that InMotion Hosting service is great reliable and would definitely recommend it to my friends

InMotion Hosting Customer Support Review

Team Green Hosting is the only website with a seperate customer support review box. Customer support is the top reason why customers tend to stay with or leave a web hosting company such as InMotion Hosting. How was your experience with InMotion Hosting? Submit a InMotion Hosting review today!

Here's what Agnes Chase had to say about InMotion Hosting's Customer Support:
I still have not used the support (everything is working just fine, no technical problems so far), however I was much impressed with the verification call

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