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Greenville Host GreenChart™ - Green Hosting Evaluation

In the below table, you will find all of the green programs that Greenville Host is a part of. These are the green energy certification seals that prove they are a green web hosting company.

Greenville Host Hosting Greenville Host Green Web Hosting - Green Hosting Details Visit Host
Greenville Wind Energy
Green Hosting Features Greenville Host purchases up to 200% certified Renewable Energy Credits.
Green Hosting Features Traditional servers and technology emit carbon which has negative impact on the environment. By purchasing energy credits, Greenville Host is actually taking the steps to heal the damage already done to our planet.
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Employee and Office Green Hosting Efforts
Green Hosting Features No paper documents stored.
Green Hosting Features Greenville Host does as much communication and transactions over online services as much as possible to reduce paper use.
Green Hosting Features Office furnishings come from renewable or recycled materials.
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Greenville Host Web Hosting Review by Team Green Hosting

Greenville Host provides exactly what their name suggests, green web hosting. Founded in 2008, Greenville Host has been focused on providing eco-friendly web hosting at an excellent price. As of this editor review, Greenville Host is 200% green with the purchase of certified green energy credits. Greenville Host is committed to bringing forth increased popularity to wind energy and continues to support green energy initiatives.

Greenville Host provides these following statistics about wind green energy:
In 2009, wind energy supplied an estimated 73 billion kilowatt-hours or enough energy to power 7 million U.S. homes. Web hosting datacenters are responsible for 1% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. Each megawatt of wind produced electricity translates into an economic impact of $1 million. Wind energy has the potential to reduce U.S. carbon emissions by 1/3 in the near future.

Needless to say, we are excited to review and promote Greenville Host because of their commitment to green energy through green energy web hosting. Any host that cares this much about our environment deserves a pat on the back.

Greenville Host Price Value Review by Team Green Hosting

Greenville Host is currently promoting an unbelievable rate for their green web hosting services. Currently, you can prepay for one or two years in advance for a rate that is well below the average we see on team green hosting.

Greenville Host Reliability Review

Based on reviews received in 2009 and 2010, most customers agree that Greenville Host is a reliable and trustworthy web host. The reviews say that Greenville Host web servers are quality, dependable, and have managed to maintain 99.9% uptime.

Greenville Host Control Panel Review

Greenville Host offers cPanel web hosting for all customers. cPanel, being the most popular control panel requested by web hosting clients, is a very reliable, dependable, and easy to use control panel that will allow you to manage your web hosting account.

Greenville Host not only offers cPanel control panel but also the Fantastico easy-to-install script library. Fantastico will allow you to easily install over 50 web applications with just a couple clicks of a mouse. Not sure how to install the setup files from WordPress? No problem! Fantastico can install WordPress hosting in mere seconds!

Greenville Host Customer Support Review

Greenville Host, in our opinion, is a bit lacking on their customer support offerings. Currently, Greenville Host only offers two options for support, a toll-free telephone technical and sales support and a direct-link email link to email questions.

We find the lack of live chat, community forum, a generic and empty customer support center, empty knowledgebase, missing FAQs, and missing international phone number to be troublesome. Unfortunately, being that Greenville Host is a very new company, they are missing a lot of the features we've come to expect at team green hosting.

On a positive note, we do appreciate the toll-free telephone support manned by agents from North America. This shows that Greenville Host cares about their customers to provide knowledgeable agents over the phone. Our rating? 2/5 for now. We hope to review Greenville Host in the future and find many of the missing features we mentioned added to their website.