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My Name: Karen Jones
Hosting Length: More than 1 year
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Hosting Category: Green Hosting
Verdict? Highly Recommended!
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GreenGeeks Review

Here is what Karen Jones had to say about GreenGeeks and the overall experience with their green hosting service.
GreenGeeks is the first and only host I ever bought hosting from. I bought hosting from them at the same time I bought the domain name. I felt this would be best since I had no previous experience and they were offering everything I needed right there at one site. I was overwhelmed when trying to navigate in their site. I believe most of my confusion was due to my inexperience, but I believe their site could have been a bit more newbie friendly.

Account Setup Feedback

Account setup is very quick. Even when setting up subdomains, and mysql database, I have only waited a few minutes.

Host Reliability

I find GreenGeek to be very reliable in uptime.

Pricing Info

There are discounts at GreenGeek everyday. They have several hosting packages available. I am very satisfied with the value for the money on the package I purchased.

Final Host Comments

GreenGeek is very satisfactory in service and hosting. I give them an overall score of 9. They would have gotten a ten from me if the email support was more personal and solution friendly. A great host overall.

GreenGeeks Customer Support Review

Team Green Hosting is the only website with a seperate customer support review box. Customer support is the top reason why customers tend to stay with or leave a web hosting company such as GreenGeeks. How was your experience with GreenGeeks? Submit a GreenGeeks review today!

Here's what Karen Jones had to say about GreenGeeks's Customer Support:
I have had to contact GreenGeek for customer support a couple of times because I didn't know what certain things meant on their site. For instance, you get a free hosting credit with every domain name you buy, but I did not know what that was for! I actually thought that was the hosting that I bought. So, when I tried to assign that hosting credit, I kind of screwed things up.

Another time I had to contact them is when my subdomains remained in the pending status for several months when I viewed them in the GreenGeek control panel. The subdomains were working great, but a couple of them kept that title "pending" in my control panel. They resolved the issue quickly after I notified them.

Once more I contacted GreenGeek customer support. This is when I was renewing my domain name. While I was renewing, I also decided to buy a couple of months hosting to go with it as my hosting was due to renew as well. What happened this time is I bought hosting credits, but they were not applied in my shopping cart to go in with the renewal of my domain. I don't know how I made that error, but again, customer service fixed this immediately after I saw my domain was suspended and I contacted them.

I find that GreenGeek telephone support is the best when dealing with them in my own personal experience. The email support rather time consuming and not personal enough for my liking. The phone support is wonderful!

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