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My Name: Stuart Combs
Hosting Length: 6 months - 1 year
My Website: Withheld
Hosting Category: Green Hosting
Verdict? Highly Recommended!
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GreenGeeks Review

Here is what Stuart Combs had to say about GreenGeeks and the overall experience with their green hosting service.
When I was first looking at the lower-level plans that Green Geeks offered, I thought they seemed a little on the expensive side. However, when I started evaluating their mid-range plans I realized that these plans were much better deals as they included unmetered monthly traffic which is great news for me and my sites.

Account Setup Feedback

It was a fairly simple process although I think it is certainly true that everyone despises the account setup process for hosting.

Host Reliability

Since I have had my account set up, I have experienced no problems in the way of reliability. Green Geeks seems to be perfectly competent and definitely a good option for anyone who views reliability as one of the ultimate most important factors in choosing a hosting company.

Pricing Info

Like I stated earlier, I found the prices for the lower end plans a little steep for the features that they offered in comparison to some of the other popular hosting companies. However, I do feel that the better value lies in the mid-range and above levels of shared hosting plans. The benefits to these plans are clearly worth the asking price and I think that perhaps Green Geeks is trying to cater more to the larger accounts, hence the reasoning in having slightly higher prices for the lower end plans (albeit only by a few dollars).

Final Host Comments

Green Geeks meets my needs perfectly with a hosting plan that seems to offer every feature that I need. I also like that the site also includes a design service and some other features that I may begin to use in a future as a way to keep my accounts fairly condensed and do much of the work to my sites through one avenue.

GreenGeeks Customer Support Review

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Here's what Stuart Combs had to say about GreenGeeks's Customer Support:
The customer support team of Green Geeks has always been pretty good about completely answering my questions in a timely and friendly manner. However, their customer chat function is not always available which I think is a feature that should be activated 24/7 since many people realize that webmasters often work strange hours compared to most people.

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