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My Name: Cheryl Mathis
Hosting Length: 3 - 6 months
My Website: Withheld
Hosting Category: Green Hosting
Verdict? Highly Recommended!
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GreenGeeks Review

Here is what Cheryl Mathis had to say about GreenGeeks and the overall experience with their green hosting service.
I am impressed by any company that, upon an initial visit to their website, I am confronted right away with the services they offer, the prices of those services, and not a whole bunch of fluff. This is what GreenGeeks website hosting company does. There is no busy, cluttered interface that takes me ten minutes to sort through in order to find what I need. It’s laid out for me. That, to me, is impressive.

Account Setup Feedback

I have been able to go to the GreenGeeks website hosting website, sign up for a shared hosting account, have my account set up, and a website online within half an hour with no hiccups. In fact, the slowest part of the entire operation is my FTP client!

Host Reliability

In the three months that I have been using GreenGeeks webhosting, I have experienced no “downtime” on my websites and no slow issues with slow load times on any browsers that are commonly used: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera.

Pricing Info

I am very pleased with GreenGeeks’s pricing and the tiers of service that they have available. There are other webhosts with competent pricing, but I know of none that have the professional demeanor and level of customer support and service that GreenGeeks offers.

Final Host Comments

GreenGeeks website hosting company is in a class all by itself and I recommend their services to anyone that is browsing this website looking for an adequate shared hosting account.

GreenGeeks Customer Support Review

Team Green Hosting is the only website with a seperate customer support review box. Customer support is the top reason why customers tend to stay with or leave a web hosting company such as GreenGeeks. How was your experience with GreenGeeks? Submit a GreenGeeks review today!

Here's what Cheryl Mathis had to say about GreenGeeks's Customer Support:
I have been using GreenGeeks webhosting for about three months now and have only needed to call their customer service line twice. Neither time was due to an issue with their hosting service. Once was a billing issue where I had to change some personal information on the account and the other was to ask a question. Both times that I called, I was helped in a timely fashion by courteous representatives.

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