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My Name: Mike Sylvester
Hosting Length: 6 months - 1 year
My Website: Withheld
Hosting Category: Green Hosting
Verdict? Highly Recommended!
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GreenGeeks Review

Here is what Mike Sylvester had to say about GreenGeeks and the overall experience with their green hosting service.
It was about a year ago when I signed up at GreenGeeks when I wanted to created a personal website for myself. I was glad to see that GreenGeeks' prices were very cheap and inexpensive and they offered promotions all of the time. I ended up purchasing an extremely cheap domain while assuring myself that I could budget my domain name since their prices are so affordable. There was only one problem that I had in my mind now. I couldn't get the idea out of my head that there was going to be a catch. I hate to admit when I am wrong, but this is one moment when I will admit it in a heartbeat because there was constant uptime and it was easy to manage my domain and hosting with their easy to use control panel. I have worked with websites in the past, but every website I have managed with somebody always had a different system; some were easier to manage than others, but hands down GreenGeeks was the best that I have ever seen. When I make my next website I will be purchasing my domain and hosting from GreenGeeks for sure.

Account Setup Feedback

The process to setup the account seemed rather lengthy, but I have never setup any other hosting plans with any other company so my feedback for this category really isn't comparable. I now have an account with them so setup should be a lot faster.

Host Reliability

The uptime was great I just wish that DNS didn't take so long, but that isn't really their fault.

Pricing Info

The pricing is excellent as I stated previously. I have never seen hosting so cheap with so much space and capability.

Final Host Comments

Although I have never bought hosting from any other provider I feel that there is now no need to as I have found GreenGeeks. They offered me everything I needed plus more and I can be a tough individual to please at times and they satisfied me 100% hands down.

GreenGeeks Customer Support Review

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Here's what Mike Sylvester had to say about GreenGeeks's Customer Support:
I have never had to deal with their customer support until I had to cancel my hosting because the plans for my website had fell through. Canceling the recurring payment was very simple and when I called to verify that my hosting was canceled the personnel who answered the phone was very polite and helpful. They didn't mind that I was just "checking" even though I told them I have received the email confirmation because I didn't want to trust my luck as I wanted to make sure everything was canceled completely.

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