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GreenGeeks GreenChart™ - Green Hosting Evaluation

GreenGeeks has Received The 2010, 2011, & 2012 Award For
Best Green Web Hosting

In the below table, you will find all of the green programs that GreenGeeks is a part of. These are the green energy certification seals that prove they are a green web hosting company.

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GreenGeeks Green Power Partner
Green Hosting Features GreenGeeks replaces 3x the power of all grid energy they use in their datacenter. Meaning, GreenGeeks is 300% green! GreenGeeks is the strongest and leading web host provider for green web hosting.
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Green Hosting Features GreenGeeks is a member of GreenTags.
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Green B E F
Green Hosting Features GreenGeeks is a member of clean energy program.
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Employee and Office Green Hosting Efforts
Green Hosting Features GreenGeeks employs rigorous recycling in their offices and they make sure that only legal and essential documents are printed to conserve paper.
Green Hosting Features Any non essential documents which are printed by mistake are returned to the recycle paper area.
Green Hosting Features GreenGeeks employs auto lighting control systems to make sure that the lights are not on when no one is in their offices and we make sure we power down all office equipment when not in use.
Green Hosting Features GreenGeeks makes sure they power down all office equipment when not in use.
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Green Servers
Green Hosting Features GreenGeeks works on all of their servers and reconfigures them so that they run more efficiently using less energy and running cooler. What this means is less energy consumption on the server as well as less energy needed to cool the server.
Green Hosting Features Employees bring in home-cooked meals to save on takeout waste such as Styrofoam, paper, and plastic.
Green Hosting Features GreenGeeks permits employees to telecommute to save on auto carbon gas emissions.
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The following optional logos / badges are available for those using GreenGeeks Green Hosting:

GreenGeeks Hosted GreenGeeks Seal

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review by Team Green Hosting

GreenGeeks is the world's most eco friendly web hosting company, they are part of the US EPA's Green Power Partner program. GreenGeeks, founded in 2006 by industry veteran Trey Gardner, has seen terrific growth since then.

GreenGeeks is by far the most committed to green web hosting by utilizing the EPA Green Power Partner program and is purchasing 3x the amount of grid power they use to be replaced with wind energy. GreenGeeks does this by the use of green energy certificates for 300% of the power usage they use at their datacenter. Also GreenGeeks goes above and beyond simply buying green energy certificates, they also do everything else in their power to help the environment by using low-energy web servers, by conservation in their offices, and even participates in the Europe Earth Day commitments by offering a carbon neutral website. You can read more about all of the GreenGeeks green web hosting initiatives on their website.

Interested in a green VPS, GreenGeeks was awarded the bronze award at specifically for their green VPS service. Be sure to check that out.

GreenGeeks also offers an incredible unlimited web hosting plan which allows customers to host unlimited domains on unlimited space with unlimited bandwidth and databases.

GreenGeeks Price Value Review by Team Green Hosting

GreenGeeks recently lowered their pricing to make their offer of 300% green energy replenishment program even sweeter. Now, GreenGeeks is right in line with the other popular green web hosting providers pricing schemes.

GreenGeeks Reliability Review

So far, reviews are coming in very positive for GreenGeeks. Based on our research, GreenGeeks is providing great customer support, great reliability, and are taking the extra steps to ensure there are fewer issues on servers by verifying their customers when they order.

GreenGeeks Control Panel Review

GreenGeeks uses the latest build of the most popular control panel for web hosting called cPanel. GreenGeeks also supports the add-on cPanel hosting module for quick and easy installation of open source scripts called Fantastico. Fantastico offers an easy installation of blogging software, content management systems, wikis and customer service tools.GreenGeeks also provides a fully featured website builder that makes creating your site quick and easy.

GreenGeeks Customer Support Review

Customer support at GreenGeeks is fast, friendly and dependable. Customer service is available 24x7x365 and is North American based so you will be speaking to an English speaking representative. In addition GreenGeeks offers another level of service which is moving your web site files over to their servers for free, something few other web hosts offer.

We tested GreenGeeks live chat by asking about their web hosting and was met instantly with a live chat agent and answered with knowledge, proper English, and every other indication that I was speaking to someone from North America as they advertise.