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2019 Best Green Hosting!
GreenGeeks hosting has made great efforts to save the environment through the use of 300% carbon neutral green energy. GreenGeeks provides their customers with green hosting at a low price while making their own office energy cutbacks. The aim of GreenGeeks green hosting company is to fulfill the hosting needs of customers while encouraging them to make use of green hosting credits.

Best Green Hosting - GreenGeeks - Overview

Because GreenGeeks hosting has excelled in providing green hosting solutions to the customers and managed to build a loyal customer base as compared to the other green hosting companies available, we want to show our appreciation of their efforts by awarding them as the best green hosting service provider. GreenGeeks hosting will allow you to put a Green Seal on your website that shows you have also taken a step towards going green with green web hosting.

Here are the features of GreenGeeks green web hosting:

  • GreenGeeks hosting was on of the first web hosting companies to offer green web hosting. As such, they are the pioneers of the green web hosting movement and we at customer hosting reviews haven't forgotten that.
  • GreenGeeks hosting plans are as follows: $4.95 per month ($178.20 for 3 years);  $6.95 per month ($166.80 for 2 years); $7.95 per month ($95.40 for 1 year) and $14.95 per month plan.
  • GreenGeeks hosting makes use of energy efficient "Green" servers that consume less power. By using less power, these premium web servers emit 20% less carbon thus helping protect environment.
  • GreenGeeks servers are powered with 300% carbon neutral wind energy credits. In order to lessen the effects of global warming, GreenGeeks hosting has also taken an encouraging step by cutting back power used in the office, allowing employees to telecommute, and even bringing in home-cooked meals to save on waste related to takeout.
  • Like other leading web hosting companies, GreenGeeks green hosting also provides unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email accounts.
  • You can host any number of domains in your cPanel account.
  • You will get free domain name, free templates for your website, and Yahoo Ads credits.
  • It guarantees 99.9% uptime to ensure that your website will remain active around the clock.
  • If you face any problems with your green web hosting, you can contact GreenGeeks through the phone, live chat or an email ticket system.
  • With a 30-day money back guarantee, you can ensure GreenGeeks hosting is right for you. A full month to test their servers, make sure their quality is excellent, and to ensure that Team Green Hosting is promoting the absolute best in green web hosting.

Best Green Hosting - GreenGeeks - Conclusion

Global warming has become a matter big concern for all. Servers that are used for web hosting consume a huge amount of power and emit carbon gas into the environment. The carbon that is released from the web hosting servers pollutes the environment and therefore helps spread the global warming problem we face today. In a bid to help control the spread of global warming, web hosting companies like GreenGeeks green hosting are making use of energy efficient servers and make sure their carbon gas is neutralized through the use of wind energy credits supplied by wind power.

Even the best green hosting services that are available online are not able to match with the environment saving efforts of GreenGeeks hosting. Therefore, many of the web hosting ranking sites such as Team Green Hosting has awarded GreenGeeks hosting company with the best green hosting service award! GreenGeeks hosting also allows you to become a reseller of their green hosting so that you not only do your bit in saving the environment but also earn money by reselling their server space. If you are in search for a solid green hosting service, we advise you to go for the best in green web hosting and choose GreenGeeks hosting. They provide the best green web hosting at a low price and provides you an opportunity to help keep the environment safe for future generations.

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